Transport between USA & CANADA

Terms & Conditions

Bill of Lading

$2.65 per change, minimum $20.40 per request

Change In Terms:

A change in the terms of the Bill of Lading authorizing a change regarding payment of freight charges (i.e. from prepaid to collect) will be subject to the above charge.

Bond Charges:

  1. Bond Handling Charge:
    Per Shipment $150.00
    This charge applies when we are asked to move shipments to an inland sufferance
    warehouse for clearance.
  2. Sufferance Warehouse Storage Charge:
    This charge covers the cost of preparing and/or handling bond papers.
  3. Bond Remanifesting Charge:
    $150.00 per shipment
    The above charge applies when we are asked to remanifest a shipment from one transportation mode to another, for example from ocean or air to road transportation.
  4. One Shipment in-bond sufferance warehouse NMT day delivery $150.00

Border Charges:

When this service is provided directly by Rai Express Lines Ltd.

  • Northbound: $25.05 per shipment (U.S. funds)
  • Southbound: $25.05 per shipment (U.S. funds)

Cash Collect Pickup / Deliveries:

This charge is applicable when the shipper or consignee does not have credit established with Rai Express Lines Ltd. and we are required to collect charges at time of pickup or delivery.

Copies of Documents:

$2.65 per document, minimum $20.00 per request
This fee is payable when requested by the customer. i.e: (bills of lading or proofs of delivery)

Cube (Density):

All rates are subject to a minimum density of 10 lbs per cubic foot
10 pcf = length (in) x width (in) x height (in) / 1728 x 10, if this is more than the actual weight of the shipment then the cubed weight would apply to calculate the freight charges. If the bill of lading states "do not stack" or it is impractical to load other freight on top of the shipment, the height of 8 feet will apply.

Delivery by Appointment:

Per shipment charge of $31.65

This charge applies when a shipment requires:

  1. A specific appointed time of delivery or;
  2. Delivery during a specified range of time that does not allow the delivery to occur with regular operating procedures. The bill of lading or any shipping document must have a notation requesting the prearranged time of a delivery or specified range of time. Rai Express Lines Ltd. will do the delivery on a liable best efforts basis and will not be for any consequential damages, cost and/or fines as a result of shipment delay

Detention without Power:

Dry van $83.65 per day, per trailer
The above rate will be given a free period of 24 hours after the trailer has been dropped.
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays will not be used in the computation of free time, but will be included in the assessment of charges.

Reefer trailer $164.85 per day, per trailer
When delivery cannot be effected through no fault of the carrier on the day of arrival, detention charges will be assessed with no free time allowance.

Detention with Power:

Billed Weight in Pounds Free Time

  • Up to 2000 .25 hrs.
  • 2001 - 9,999 .50 hrs.
  • 10,000 to 19,999 1.00 hrs.
  • 20,000 to 29,999 1.50 hrs.
  • 30,000 and over 2.00 hrs.
  • $25.05 per 1/4 hour or part thereof

The detention with power rate above applies when the driver is detained at the pick up or delivery point for more than the allowable pickup or delivery time as stated above.

Expedited Service: (Load & Go)

Truckload rate + 25%, Minimum 40,000 lbs. or Published Truckload rate. All same day service will be rated at full truckload. The 25% premium will be waived if advance notice (prior working day) is provided and still allows for efficient dispatch

Hydraulic Tailgate & Pallet Jack:

$25.00 per skid up to 4 skid, additional skid 10% extra.
Charge applies if the shipper or the consignee does not have proper shipping/receiving docks to ensure safe handling of the freight or the shipper or consignee states that the use of a hydraulic tailgate is a requirement.

Labour Charges:

Extra man $63.30 per hour, Minimum charge $63.30.
The above represents the cost of a driver's helper only.
This charge would be applied if the driver required a helper to load or unload the freight.

Off Hour Pickup / Delivery:

$158.00 per shipment
This charge applies in addition to the prescribed freight charges for pickups/deliveries that fall within the time period of 6:00 pm to 6:00 am, for shipments under 24,000 lbs. This service requires arrangements made 24 hours in advance. Any detention time will be charged in addition as per "Detention with Power".
"Delivery by Appointment" charge does not apply when this service is provided

Protective Service (Heat):

  1. The carrier will not be obligated to supply protective service beyond the supply of van type equipment, unless specific arrangements are made in advance of the shipment and request is endorsed on the bill of lading by the shipper.
  2. When the bill of lading is not endorsed as per paragraph (a) the carrier will not be responsible for damage or deterioration.
  3. 15% of freight charges, Minimum charge $15.48 Heat charges are only applied when the customer requires that we "protect from freezing". For the purposes of this document, freezing occurs at 0 degrees C (32 degrees F). Applicable October 1 through March 31 inclusive.

Protective Service (Reefer):

Minimum charge 10% of freight charges.
When a specific temperature is requested, shipper must specify whether in Celsius or Fahrenheit.


$75.00 per request
This charge is applied when, prior to the delivery, the consignee address on the original shipper's bill of lading is requested to be changed to another local address and a new bill of lading may be required for the shipper in order to direct the shipment properly. The party responsible for the change is responsible for the charges, and should be made aware of the additional charges before final delivery is made.


$5.50 per cwt., Maximum charge $200.00
This charge is applied when we have attempted to deliver freight and one of the following happens:

  1. Consignee requests we deliver at another time.
  2. No answer at consignee's place of business.
  3. Consignee or Shipper request we deliver to another address not originally noted on bill of lading. The party responsible for the change or redelivery is responsible for the charges and should be made aware of the additional charges before final delivery is made.


All rates are subject to applicable surcharges.


All rates are subject to applicable taxes.


Liability for damage and loss will be the lessor of the depreciated actual value, $2.00 per pound or the declared value noted on the bill of lading with a maximum of $50,000.00 per shipment. Declared value in excess of $2.00 per pound is subject to a valuation charge of 2%, Minimum charge $3.25. Rai Express Lines Ltd. and its' partners will not be liable for any costs and/or fines as a result of shipment delay.

Weekend or Holiday Charge:

$88.35 per hour, Minimum charge $353.40
This charge applies in addition to the prescribed freight charge whenever we are asked to perform P & D on a weekend or holiday and it is necessary to call a driver in to perform the service.