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Hazmat Certified Carrier

The transportation of hazardous materials is a challenge for companies dealing in dangerous goods and chemicals, thus Rai Express Line is the company that can take this load out of your shoulders. We are Hazmat Certified Carrier who can deliver your hazardous materials across Canada and to/from the USA in a safe and secure way.

So, no matter whatever the type of transport you need, we have the requisite training and experience, a fleet of Hazmat certified carriers and a team of professional drivers trained to handle hazardous materials. Thus, for a reliable, secure, safe and on-time delivery of hazardous materials, Rai Express Line should be your transportation partner. After all, we are transporting merchandise and have a large portfolio of satisfied clients since 1988. Not just this, we handle your dangerous goods shipping in strong adherence with the transportation regulations to avoid any mishandling and liability.

Still worried about your hazardous freight transportation? No more as we have the solution for all your worries. We offer dedicated customer service - 24/7, where your logistics coordinator will answer all your queries. Also, we are a US and Canadian Bonded Transportation Company, known for its safe, secure, and expedited shipments. Our extensive network and dedicated fleet make us the chemical logistics expert.

Thus, we rigorously work day and night to ensure that your shipment reaches the destination right on-time. After all, transporting chemicals and hazardous materials requires the peace of mind and this service is not provided by all transportation companies. But, at Rai Express Lines, we duly understand that chemical freight shipping has unique requirements, so let the experts handle it. Stop waiting and work with the certified transporters for a worry free experience and seamless transportation of hazardous materials. Request for a quote today and be assured to get only the best competitive rate, as we have the requisite resources and experience to meet all your shipping needs in the right manner.


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