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Warehousing & Distribution Services

Want to add value to your business? Worried about the storage and distribution of your goods? Then, worry not, as our warehousing and distribution services are here to help you out. We very well understand that your goods need to be where they are needed that too at the right time, thus we do it in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Therefore, along with providing the top quality transportation and logistics management services, we also offer our clients warehousing and distribution services to meet their unique needs. Not just this, to keep our promise of providing these services at competitive pricing, we provide National Contract and Multi-Client Warehouse Services.

By being a US and Canadian Bonded Transportation Company, we can manage your goods distribution services across Canada and to/from the USA that will save your both time and money. So, no matter whether you are a large well-established organisation or just starting up, Rai Express Lines has customized warehousing and distribution solutions for your business.

We understand that no two businesses can be same. Thus, depending on your business size and requirements, you can either opt for the national contract or multi-client warehouse services that help in optimising your business storage and distribution needs. The multi-client or shared warehousing is the cost-effective and most flexible solution for smaller companies where they can share the warehouse space with other clients and pay only for the space they use.

Our customized services help your business in various ways:

  • Reduces operation costs
  • Improves inventory management
  • Accelerates order cycle times
  • Greater flexibility
  • Reduces cost
  • Improves service and efficiency

To keep our commitment of providing the dedicated services, we also provide distribution services including the following:

  • Inventory Control
  • Fulfilment Services
  • Freight Consolidation
  • Local Cartage
  • Cross Docking

So, what are you waiting for? Request for a quote today and be assured to get safe, secure and expedited services with timely arrivals.


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