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Offer to Join Rai Express as a Freight Agent

We offer you to join us at Rai Express as a freight agent. We assure you on our behalf that once you join us we would work hand in glove and together would move on the path to progress. You can build up your successful career even if you are a novice; we would definitely guide you, support you and train you as a freight broker/agent. And if you are already in this line of business, have adequate experience, then you can be assured of more qualitative, more quantitative and more consistent lucrative monetary earnings along with name and fame for yourself.

About Rai Express Lines

We are a well-established Carrier Operating Company based in the city of Surrey, in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Since establishment in 1998, and commencement of business from July 2001, we have been in the trucking business, transporting merchandise and providing sincerely satisfactory services to our valuable clients located in various cities of Canada, USA and Mexico. We keep ourselves adequately insured as per the licensing terms of the Canadian Department of Transportation. We are proud to have truly dedicated operational staff, backed by the right type of equipment and infrastructure comprising of specially equipped trucks and trailers, fitted with the latest computer softwares; and the most efficiently run back office. We are committed to the "Safety, Security, expedited schedules with time-definite delivery of Goods" for our clients and function in the most careful, efficient and professionalized manner. The client may be belonging to any of the various categories. Our client register is proud to have some of the leading international clients and we believe in the maintenance and development of cordial relations.

Our Freight Rates are the Most Competitive: Since we work in the most cost-efficient manner, and our management teams at the top level, middle level and the lower levels are backed by ultra modern technology and huge numbers of resources, we are a cost-efficient company and resultantly we offer the most competitive rates for the freight services provided.

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere Co: We are always at the service of our clients. We have the necessary expertise in international freight management and expeditious movement of the clients’ imports and exports.

Join Us and Become a Freight Agent

If you are interested to join us – then you are expected to complete certain legal formalities as per the prevailing State Laws to protect your interests as well as our interest as an agent and as a Principal. You can contact us at our telephone number (604) 503-6900 in case you have a further enquiry in this regard. Our officials would feel glad to satisfactorily reply to your query.

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Need of Freight Agents

Transporters acquire more and more share of the freight business through their freight agents. Actually, transportation business is a service industry. The clients (Manufacturers, Business Houses, or even individuals) demand the best of the services from the transporters. The better you serve your clients the better name you earn and more business you acquire resulting into more profits for you. Our offer of “Become a Freight Agent” is in line with our future expansion plan.

Qualities of a Freight Agent

Nowadays the era is of networking. You must own a computer, fax, telephone and an internet connection. You must be computer literate. A freight agent is not just like a broker – rather it is a respectful profession. A freight agent is expected to be serious and motivated. Discipline is the key to success in this profession. If you possess the inborn qualities of commitment, determination, integrity, and punctuality, and professionalism, then you are the most qualified and are most welcome to join us and "Become a Freight Agent".

Modality of a Freight Agent

A freight agent works on commission. The more business a freight agent picks up through his/her links and circles, the fattier would be the agent’s balance sheet. Commissions are regularly paid on monthly basis. A freight agent is expected to always remain in touch with his/her clients in a courteous manner, asking them for further business and informing them the actual position of the assignments booked by them; and at the same time to remain in touch with the principals. The freight agent is a true compatible link between the clients and the transport company.

About Transportation Business

Transportation is the backbone of any economy. More and more productivity has been the reason behind the fast development of the Canadian and the US economies and the transportation has been playing a vital role in that development. Transportation business is very profitable business but at the same time it is the most competitive business. Transporters move the goods, inventory and stock for business houses, manufacturers and producers –in the form of raw materials/semi-finished/finished goods and machinery.

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